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This generator creates a description of the daily weather based on a combination of a random roll and previous conditions. Weather conditions are described in general terms so the results can be interpreted by the GM and applied to their specific locale's conditions. Weather conditions are described by three general conditions:

  • Temperature - How warm / cool it is relative to the locale's average. Descriptions use the following adjectives to describe conditions: hot, warm, average, cool, cold.
  • Precipitation / Clouds - Cloud cover and precipiation intensity. Cloud cover is described as clear, scattered, partly, or cloudy. Precipitation is described as hazy, mist / fog, light, heavy, or intense.
  • Wind - Is it blustery? Wind conditions include calm, breezy, light winds, windy, or high winds.

To use the generator, just click the Generate button and it will create 30 days of weather. It will also fill in the seed value, which can be used to maintain continuity between sessions. If you record the seed you can pick up where you left off by using your recorded value. The generator uses random starting conditions when passed an empty or invalid seed.

You can also adjust the average conditions for each category using the appropriately labeled radio button. Note that if you use a seed value it will override any values you select. Typically you would use these selections to establish a starting series, then use the seed value for subsequent iterations.

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