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Mythic GM

The Mythic GM Engine is an implementation of the Mythic GM Emulator by Word Mill Games. In a nutshell the Mythic GM Emulator uses a scene and question based approach coupled to a series of random tables to drive stories and action without requiring a game master. Mythic GM can also be used as a solo play engine, a tool for a human game master or as an inspiration tool for creative writing. To use the Engine, you should at least be familiar with how the Mythic GM Emulator works.

A quick note about versions: this emulator is based on V1 of the Mythic GME. I know V2.0 is out now, but I just have not had time to get up to speed with it (I don't even have a copy for myself yet). Real life and all that jazz. One day, hopefully soon, I can get into this and support V2.0.

How to Use the Engine


To ask a question, choose a Chaos level and a the odds of a yes / positive answer, frame your question, then hit the Ask a Question button. The Engine returns the answer: yes, no, extreme yes, or extreme no. The Engine may also return an Event, an unexpected twist that arises from the question die roll and the current Chaos number.


The Create an Event button can be used to force the generation of a Mythic GM event. Events are a handy way to add color or provide inspiration for explaining a question or situation.


Scenes are the framework of the Mythic GM Emulator. Pushing the Evaluate a Scene button generates a normal, altered, or interrupted scene using the currently selected Chaos level per the Mythic rules. It also generates an Event with altered and interrupted scenes. For interrupted scenes the Event is the basis for a new scene. For altered scenes the Event is provided as potential inspiration.

The Engine

Chaos Level
The Odds

Mythic GM Engine version 1.0