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This is a random world generator for the Traveller RPG, based on the rules found in the Mongoose Traveller Core Rule Book. It should be considered beta quality at this point. You can use one of two methods to generate worlds. There is no way to mix seed and UWP planet generation.

UWP Planets

If you have your own UWPs, you can plug them into the UWP fields. The generator will use a seed based on the UWP you provide to generate remaining system values (gas giant, bases) and market data. Note that a UWP taken from a seed-generated planet will not generate the same system as the seed itself! A UWP-generated planet always creates a seed based on the provided UWP.

The UWP values you provide are ranged checked and adjusted if they fall outside the following ranges:

  • Port - invalid ports default to class C
  • Size - 0 to 10
  • Atmosphere - 0 to 15
  • Hydrographics - 0 to 10
  • Population - 0 to 10
  • Government - 0 to 13
  • Law Level - 0 to 9
  • Tech Level - 0 to 15

I think these values correspond to rules as written. If I've made an error, please contact me. My Traveller-fu is rusty.

Seed Planets

Seed generation uses random numbers to generate the planet's UWP and all system features (bases, gas giants, etc.) If you stumble across a planet you like, you can check the box next to the seed to keep the value and generated values. You can also cut/paste seed values into the appropriate fields to recreate the planet. If the checkbox is not checked, the generator will create a new random seed, even if there's a value filled in.

Market Data

Market data is randomized each time the generator runs. Details of goods will vary each time, even if you use the same pair of seed or UWP planets.

Traveller Worlds

UWP Planets
Planet One UWP
Planet Two UWP
Seed Planets
Planet One Seed
Planet Two Seed

Traveller Worlds version 1.1